Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jason Unleashed

Gabrielle Cauchon (or rather, the body of Gabrielle Cauchon) has been channeling her character Jason. He's taken some time out of his day to provide an unedited stream of consciousness view of the show and rehearsal process:

Hey what’s up this is Jason doin my little spillage on the proc-ess-ies if you will, hmm, let’s see where to begin. Ever had stuff going on that’s been like good whack? Yeah this shit is good whack. Bonnie is like the director and is leading us on this crazy collaborative adventure. Man, she’s been starting out almost every day with this stuff she learned from Russians that HURTS if you don’t stretch properly. Totally changed my life for the better cause now I have to stretch like really stretch like three times a day. Anyway, yeah, I’ve never been able to jump as high as I can now and like land without making a sound. And my dexterity has gotten kick ass. I’m a freaking ninja and totally scared the hell out of my borrowed bodies’ mom last weekend. Speaking this borrowed CHICK BODY, I’m totally stoked because my hair is growing back in. I felt really girly with the smooth pits and legs and shit. I miss my stach and post. Everyday I have to wrap my chest down and the other night I wasn’t feeling so well and I think I had wrapped it too tight. Bonnie won’t let me cut out holes for my nipples…which sucks cause like if I had my original author imagined boy body then I could have my nipples out but nooooooo. Got some killer pecks though I’ll tell you what. I’m juuust messin I’m glad I got a body at all.
Man, we also have these viewpoint sessions which are awesome cause I get to just like kinesthetically interact with all the other people in my life and even some who I have never even met before! It’s totally rad. Oh man, and the best part is sometimes after we get done playing with each other, Bonnie like asks us to repeat parts of it and then she like infuses them into what we’re doing and totally CHANGES HISTORY.
It’s really magical when people can create life out of nothing but themselves. Dude I’ve witnessed it myself. I really feel a closer connection to the people in my life (psh…probably because I’m living the same parts over and over again, j/k I know it’s because we all love each other!
Man, I really do love them. I love everyone and everything and I mostly really love my dog. I really miss Otis but like I think it was meant to be, I mean, I wish I didn’t have to keep re-living the tragic parts in my life, but I know that I learned a huge lesson when I moved from to New York to Hawaii. Like, how similar catching a wave and catching the A train really are. HAHA I also get to reconnect with my sister over and over again and I like reliving holding Lee, which has got to be like one of the most euphoric moments of my life. Akin to when I free fell from that cliff that one time. A rush man, a straight up rush. Yeah it’s cool. Everyday I learn something more about myself and the place of importance each one of us has in each others lives. Like getting to see your affect on someone is shits ass bats crazy BAHAHAHA Sorry, how profound though right? We still have another monthish before we show our lives to perfect strangers, but I’m totally stoked to freak em out and make them laugh? I’m excited to see what art is shown when we open and what the musicians are going to do. Music is going to be awesome and there are going to be SO MANY PLANTS.
I’m really hoping I get to play the harmonica ‘cause I love it and I really hope that Bonnie puts in another dance number so my sis and I can reminisce about our parents and our carnie days. Love you Viv!
I am currently trying to master the handless front roll. It hurts harder than taking the shore straight to the chin cause like I’m still not quite doing it right. Bah, thinking happy thoughts to get that feeling out of my head lalalalalala. Practice makes perfecto.
Night Light Collective rocks. Man what time is it?


Anonymous said...

Will I understand this after I see the show?

Kerry McGee said...

I don't know that anyone will truely understand the inner workings of Jason's mind, but the plot points he alludes to should be clearer after seeing the show.

Nelrielle said...

Man, I didn't mean to confuse you. Sometimes I guess I just get a little too excited.