Friday, November 7, 2008

House of Yes

August 28 & 29 2008

Our first show! There's no better way to introduce a new company then by putting on a show about incest. It's a show that made us uncomfortable and challenged what we thought was right and wrong. Talk about a piece capable of making us grow as people as well as actors . . .
We wanted to approach the text using new techniques. Bonnie coached the cast through Anne Bogart's Viewpoints and physical scoring, and Charley provided an intense contact improv workshop. We worked extensively with movement, gesture, and music to create the characters and their relationships to one another. All of this was complemented for the performance by an original cello score developed during the rehearsal process.
As for the show itself, everything kind of fell together while we were working on this. How did we ever find that pink suit? What luck that Charley was turning his living room into a theatre space! Even the weather pitched in with a couple of hot, rainy nights. It was clearly meant to be.
Working on something that was completely ours was a very exciting and rewarding experience, and we are grateful we to got to share it with everyone who came.
Thank you!

(Pictures courtesy of Michelle Angresano)

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