Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cheshire Puss

The Cheshire Cat has decided to share some things about herself. Enjoy...

I am the Cheshire Puss. I come from Cheshire – where master is from.

I am ageless; always young, forever wise.

I can see outside Wonderland (not everyone can).

My profession? Me. Cat. Advisor, direction giver, cuddler, general mischief maker …

My greatest fear … my greatest fear … I’m not entirely sure. Not many things scare me. I’m quite comfortable to be a cat you know. And the Dutchess feeds me – whether she means to or not (she’s quite the slob).

So I do well. Wonderland isn’t really a place for fears you know.

My greatest desire is to lay about all day, singing songs, visiting with friends, spying on wonderland – the things people do when they think no one is watching!

Generally I follow my desire every day. My fancy changes quite regularly, especially when we have a guest! Such as Alice.

I said earlier that my greatest desire was to be everyone at once – this is still quite true, thus the disappearing and reappearing. If I should remove my leg from one scene … it can pop up in another. This allows for some wonderful mischief making! Though it’s hard to keep tabs on what all your extremities are doing! So … I can never truly be everywhere at once. Not to mention the Red Queens threats to cut off my head.

What a jealous old woman. She just wants to travel like me.

My biggest secret is that I want to be like Alice. Her youthfulness is intoxicating. Life was so simple then …

My biggest power is seduction. Most of Wonderland is smitten with me; or at least intrigued by me. They don’t all understand me of course, because I am from Cheshire. I can come and go as I please – they are always stuck. But generally they like me. And I’ve only got to do or say a little to get what I want.

My biggest weakness? Goodness heavens! You do as a lot of questions!

Weakness? Food. Slumber. Mischief. Jokes. Misplaced items.

A bad habit I have is seducing my food.

My likes include: slumber, dreams, sneaking up, slinking, smiling, s words, creating mischief, new experiences, new visitors, disappearing and reappearing, confusing others.

My dislikes include: obnoxious animals, boring people, missing something important.