Friday, January 8, 2010

Who are you?

Night Light Collective welcomes the cast of it's upcoming production of Alice in Wonderland!

Alice- Jasmine Coles
Caterpillar- Nicole Carter
Cheshire Cat- Alison Haracznak
Dormouse- Kait Ziegler
Duchess- Ryan Asher
Ensemble- Sara Schmatz
Ensemble- Virginia Fields
Humpty Dumpty- Slade Billew
Mad Hatter-Dallas Tolentino
March Hare- Tori Hirsch-Straus
Red Queen- Kerry McGee
Red King- Eben Kuhns
Tweedledee-Elizabeth Venz
Tweedledum- Elyse Thaler
White Rabbit- Jenny Hann

And the Technical Team:

Stage Manager- Elizabeth Popp
Lights-Andrew Bonniwell
Costumes- Ashphord Jacoway
Masks- Becca Bernard

So many new collaborators! Thank you to all who auditioned. All of the talented people made casting very difficult. Now on to the hard, but exciting part- rehearsals. Stay tuned in for updates!