Thursday, June 25, 2009

An Actor's Perspective

Carolyn Boucher was kind enough to comment on the rehearsal process for Aloha, Say The Pretty Girls:

Finding myself in the midst of the rehearsal process for Aloha. It's a lot of fun, especially doing View Points with the ensemble every time we meet. I feel like its really bringing us closer together as a group, and I am learning a lot about my character(s) that I simply couldn't do any other way. there is a certain intimacy involved in that kind of work. Now I'm concentrating on applying that same openness and impulsiveness to my scene work. The discussions we have after the sessions as a group are helpful too. I love watching everyone express their discoveries as we all get deeper into this play. Bonnie has a great way of facilitating all of this and creating a warm, alive, anything goes atmosphere. Even when we've had outside people enter a rehearsal, I feel comfortable doing the work without feeling the pressure to 'perform' or behave any differently. I'm loving going to Aloha every night because I never know what awaits me there. We are definitely creating this show together as a passionate ensemble, and I feel very lucky to be a part of that.

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Suzanne said...

So wonderful to hear about the process!