Monday, April 13, 2009

Freak shows and Vaudville

I've been busy lately, and I think it's possible that I've become possessed (or just obsessed) with the show that I am currently working on (Bernard Pomerance's The Elephant Man), so I haven't been able to think much about anything except turn of the century hospitals, freak shows, and vaudeville. That being said, I'll let you all in on some of the other random and (slightly) incoherent thoughts that are buzzing around my head.
1. everyone should read pedagogy of the oppressed by Paulo Freire. I just finished reading it for my class in staging political theater and I had more light bulb moments than I can count. It seems like it's a book just for teachers, but by participating in the performing arts we all teach in some sense, we tell stories to people to communicate messages or provoke questions. Regardless, just read it. I would tell you what's in it but that would be defeating the purpose, and I don't think Freire would be down with that.
2. The accordion is a highly underrated instrument. It should be featured in more music, and in more stage plays outside of Russia.
okay, so that was just two thoughts, but the only other things I can come up with are related to the show, which, by the way, you all should come and see. It's FREE and at the Shafer St Playhouse at Virginia Commonwealth University on May 8, 9, and 10.

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Kerry McGee said...

I desperately want to do a show with an accordian. And I desperately want to learn how to play the accordian for a show. I also desperately wish I had more musical ability.

- K Mc