Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ode to Blue Gel

So we decided to take turns posting thoughts. It seems unfair to Kerry to post constantly, but I, unfortunately, never know what to say. There is a whole universe of theatre stuff to talk about. So I stupidly asked the question "What should I write, an Ode to Blue Gel?" and of course I got stuck (and by stuck I mean secretly excited to be) doing exactly that.

Here goes...

An Ode to Blue Gel

In Theatre:

When you see lovely lights
Of winter, cold and nights
You know its blue gel

Oh Blue Gel, you really are the best
You give designers flexibility
To create the look at which we rest
Directors and actors have an inability
To appreciate your blend-ability

When waiting for your cue
Take a look at the hue
Light is not allowed
If it’s not blue

You make my life better
You make the cold colder
And the water wetter
Lots of colors are bolder
But blue is the go getter

Red creates passion or rage
Green can be sickness or old age
Yellow denotes the sun
A symbol for everyone

But blue conveys so much
Time, place, mood and such
To the look upon the stage
Created by an old sage
Translating ideas from the written page

To some blue is boring
But its blue that I am adoring
An ode to blue gel

Hopefully, I will get an inspiration for my next post. Otherwise, you get stuck reading something like this!



Kerry said...

brilliant. breathtaking. etc.

DKnight said...

this extraordinary poetic achievement sends me aswirling to a corner bar...a cold night...Franklin Street...

yes post-Fire-Widow

you, me, Muhleman, McGee, and others...

I have located the genesis of the Ode

And from the shining mountains glittering high atop the craggy back of the seamy minotaur I cry:


light me blue always...