Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas inspired thoughts

Most of you probably already know that I'm spending my Christmas (as I always do) in snowy, cold, Irving Berlin-esque Michigan. Since my parents are real swell folks and all, they always try to theatre it up a bit for me. This year that meant lots of plays under the Christmas tree, including the 2006 Humana Festival collection. Whoo! Naturally, that gift got me thinking about this year's Humana Festival. The line-up was just posted this month, and it looks pretty good . . .

Anne Bogart's group (the SITI Company) is presenting a new Charles Mee play, and Zoe Kazan, who played Masha in the very well-received production of The Seagull on Broadway (ps. Suzanne and I saw it and Kristin Scott Thomas was BORN to play Arkadina), is also one of the presenting playwrights.

As part of our dedication to new theatre forms and etc. etc. I think some of us Night Lighters might be planning a trip out this spring to catch a couple of the shows (after we assess our collective schedules, of course). If anyone is interested in a cultural field trip, please let us know. The more people the cheaper the hotel room, right? . . .

So, all in all, a nice snow-covered theatry Christmas. I would also like to mention that my brother and I returned the gift of performance to my parents with a ticket subscription to The Civic, the main local theatre here in Kalamazoo. So, everyone got to play (pun alert!) a part this holiday.

That was terrible. I apologize.

Happy Holidays.

- kerry

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