Monday, November 24, 2008

What we're up to (kinda):

Shakespeare was meant to be performed. High school students stuck reading Romeo And Juliet for class are only having half the experience (unless, like myself, they were lucky enough to read it the same year as Baz Luhrmann's totally sweet and mildly accurate movie came out). Arguably the same goes for any playwright. Reading a script by yourself in your apartment just doesn't give you the full monty. Lately Suzanne and I have been pouring over dozens of scripts looking for the perfect next project for Night Light, and have been having this very same problem. In so doing, we realized something else we wanted out of this company: group read-through and discussions. Preferably accompanied by food and drink.
Thus a new Night Light project is launched!
We debuted this idea with On the Verge (Eric Overmeyer), a verbose script about a trio of time-traveling Victorian lady explorers. Alison Haracznak, Matt Cowan, and Thomas Gordon participated in what ended up being a two night event. Not only were we able to finally appreciate the sounds of this very wordy script, but we managed to discover several themes and patterns to the work, that I doubt we would have touched on our own (turn of the century feminism, phenomology, and the three basic life paths, to name a few). It was almost like we were on our own adventure into terra incognita! Wow wow wow! How helpful it all was, and how fun! What an amazing tool to use to decide what we want to do for our next show.
So . . . now to make it a habit:
Next month, look for comments on our reading of Aloha, Say the Pretty Girls (Naomi Iizuka). Also, if you're interested in being a part of these readings/discussions/etc. feel free to let us know.

- Kerry

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Suzanne said...

As we continue to read plays, decide which to work, and prepare to read them aloud - it seems as though many of the plays major thoughts/themes illuminate those in other works.

Hopefully our "reads" will help us discover some of the unifying factors that make a piece exciting to members of the Night Light Collective.

Themes building on themes.