Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'll Sarah Ruhl You . . .

So, Suzanne warned that the thing about blogs is that you have to continually add to them or they seem dated. So, based in that advise, the Night Light blog will not only be the home of all show/audition/contact info, but also a place to talk about theatre. Not that there's any lack of that in town (damn you Dave T. for already cornering the market on that!)
ANYWHO, to proceed on topic . . .
While I was visiting my BFF (Corey Dzenko shout out - she also helped me start this site) in Albuquerque, I had the unique please to continue the Sarah Ruhl fest that just finished here in RVA. The Tricklock Theatre Company ( ) was performing a new play of hers while I was there. Melancholy Play has not yet had it's New York opening, so they performed it with special permission from the author, and were allowed no reviews or extensive advertising. As a result, the audience was sparse, but whoever missed the show definitely missed out.
I can only wait for the time to come that
1. This play gets it's debut and becomes available for the rest of the country to do.
2. Richmond becomes less saturated with Ms. Ruhl's work.
Because this new play is made for Night Light. Not only does it feature a very tight ensemble cast, but the entire play is written to be scored with live cello accompaniment. Ahhh! Amazing. Not to mention the plot is lovely:
A girl becomes so depressed, but in a sexy way (think beautiful sad thoughtfulness), that everyone around her falls in love with her. Eventually she drops the bad mood, and a melancholy epidemic breaks out. And the symptom? People are so sad that they start turning into almonds.
While Clean House may be her best all around play, this one is definitely her most fun. Who new such exciting theatre was happening in Albuquerque?

- Kerry

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Thespis' Little Helper said...

I'm an almond!

Mmm....You should also check out Late: A Cowboy Song....sooooo beautiful.

Melancholy is my least fave of hers (which is not at all to say it's bad, just not my fave).

Dead Man's Cell Phone is a beautifully stellar piece.

(And she's a very nice person, judging from limited email correspondence.)