Friday, January 8, 2010

Who are you?

Night Light Collective welcomes the cast of it's upcoming production of Alice in Wonderland!

Alice- Jasmine Coles
Caterpillar- Nicole Carter
Cheshire Cat- Alison Haracznak
Dormouse- Kait Ziegler
Duchess- Ryan Asher
Ensemble- Sara Schmatz
Ensemble- Virginia Fields
Humpty Dumpty- Slade Billew
Mad Hatter-Dallas Tolentino
March Hare- Tori Hirsch-Straus
Red Queen- Kerry McGee
Red King- Eben Kuhns
Tweedledee-Elizabeth Venz
Tweedledum- Elyse Thaler
White Rabbit- Jenny Hann

And the Technical Team:

Stage Manager- Elizabeth Popp
Lights-Andrew Bonniwell
Costumes- Ashphord Jacoway
Masks- Becca Bernard

So many new collaborators! Thank you to all who auditioned. All of the talented people made casting very difficult. Now on to the hard, but exciting part- rehearsals. Stay tuned in for updates!



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Please don't patronize those who auditioned and were summarily dismissed without getting a chance to read from the script. Believe it or not, you lose paying patrons when you don't give everyone who auditions an equal chance.

Anonymous said...

and Chris Raintree for design!!